You can apply to sublet your apartment if you are going to study in another area or in another country, are doing basic training in military service or have an internship within the educational program. You must intend to move back to your accommodation and continue with your studies after the sublet. A sublet shall consist of at least four consecutive weeks and no more than twelve consecutive months. Authorisation is given only for that period when you cannot use your apartment for the reasons stated in your application. If you have gotten authorisation to sublet your apartment for the maximum allowed time, twelve months, and want to extend the authorisation, unfortunately we will be unable to grant authorisation.

Your application to sublet the apartment shall be sent to us at Kista Studentbostäder at least one (1) month in advance. You will get written confirmation regarding whether your application has been approved or not. To sublet your apartment you must have lived in the apartment at least six (6) months. 

In addition, it is not allowed to sublet the apartment during the notification of termination period. If you sublet the apartment without permission from us you risk losing your leasing contract.

Your liability in the event of a possible sublet
If you want to sublet you must take care of the arrangements with the tenant subletting from you. The person that you rent your apartment to shall have gotten his acceptance confirmation or be studying at a university or college in Stockholm. 

The leaseholder is totally liable for the apartment during the entire sublet period.
This means that you are responsible to ensure that the rent is paid on time, that there are no disturbances and for possible damages that may arise in the apartment.
Responsibility for rent payments should therefore not be transferred to your tenant. Demands for unpaid rent will be charged to you, which can lead to collection actions and your leasing contract being terminated. 
Sublets during the summer
We generally authorise sublets and you do not have to study in another area. The person you sublet to does not have to be a student and you do not have to arrange for power of attorney. 

Click here for registration form for sublease.

Click here for registration form for sublease during the summer.