Fire protection

Division of fire systems
Every student apartment has been equipped with a smoke alarm and it is you the tenant who is responsible for changing the batteries in the smoke alarm. In the common areas such as corridors and stairways, there are smoke detectors that are connected to the Kista Studentbostäder fire alarm. The landlord is responsible for the maintenance of these.
Smoke dampers
Every stairway has a smoke damper that opens automatically in the event of fire. If the smoke dampers, for some reason, should not open in the event of a fire, this can be done manually inside the entrance on the bottom floor.
In the event of a possible fire, evacuation is always through the stairways and not via the elevators that stop in the basement. If any stairway should be smoke-filled – immediately shut the door and continue to the next stairway. Do not place garbage or objects in the corridor or stairways, for this can, believe it or not, actually obstruct a possible evacuation.

In case of fire, the doors will be locked up automatically in the stairwells and no badge is needed to get out.
Every apartment is an individual fire cell
Every student apartment is an individual fire cell, which means that the apartment shall be able to shut out or in a fire for a certain amount of time if the door is closed and the walls are intact. Therefore, it is very important that the doors are always closed and never held open since smoke can penetrate the apartment.
Per Sandberg, Security Manager for Kista Galleria KB, is also Security Manager for Kista Studentbostäder AB. For questions or info, contact contact Per at, or at 08 562 532 72.