Damage reports

Errors shall be sent to felanmalan@citycon.comIn order for the error to be handled, the correct apartment number must be entered

o   You will find your apartment number and the Tax Office/Land surveyors number on the upper frame of your front door. The apartment number we want is the number starting with the same number as the floor you live on, i.e. if you live on floor 6, your apartment number starts with 6, if you on floor 7, your apartment number starts with 7, and so on.

o   If it is not ok that the caretaker enters without anyone at home, then this must be stated in the email with the error message. This means that if you do not write anything we will come in and fix your error without contacting you.

If any damage should occur in your apartment, you report this directly to us at Kista Studentbostäder, so that the damage does not become worse. If you neglect to contact us you can unfortunately be liable to pay for damages. You are also responsible to give our personnel, or contractors engaged by us, access to your apartment for maintenance or service work.

If it is discovered that damages have arisen in your apartment due to carelessness, damages or unusual wear and tear, you will be charged for the repair costs.

We would also appreciate it if you report damages that do not affect you directly so that we can prevent possible subsequent damages and prevent similar damages arising in the future.

If you discover damages in the apartment or in other areas of the property you can make a damage report in one of the following ways:
·         Login to the customer portal on the website: User name=contract number, password =mail address that was given when the rental contract was signed

Emergency services
In the event of emergency damages after office hours on weekdays and on weekends, contact our emergency services company at 08 562 532 10. You just be at home and let the emergency repairman into your apartment.

Before you call, think about whether the damage can be considered as an emergency of it it can wait until our property manager is on-site. If the emergency call-out is obviously not warranted you will be liable for compensation, which seems like an unnecessary cost for you, so please, think about it before you call the emergency services number.
IMPORTANT! If you are not at home when the emergency repairman comes to you, or if the emergency call-out is obviously unwarranted, you will be liable to pay compensation. The charge will be made by invoice from the emergency services company, with additions for the administrative costs that Kista Studentbostäder incurs.