Common areas

Cleaning of stairways, laundry rooms, community kitchens, elevators and entrances is done five times a week. The corridors are cleaned once a week. If you have comments about the cleaning service you can contact our office. We also carry out regular rounds to check the cleaning.

Common areas
Stairways, corridors and elevator areas in the property are also emergency exits, which mean that it is forbidden to store things here due to fire protection and accident reasons. Parking bicycles, placing doormats, posters, furniture or temporarily storing things is therefore not allowed in such areas. It also makes things easier for cleaning personnel if there are no things in the way. For your safety we regularly make rounds, and if there are things that are blocking these areas they are immediately removed.

Household waste/recycling
Much of the waste that we throw away can be recycled and be utilised again. Therefore, sorting the waste for recycling is an important effort to help preserve the environment.

In the garbage room there is information about how to sort your waste.

The waste sorting room is located on the 2nd floor on Hanstavägen. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor and go out through the entrance. A garbage station station is located on Danmarksgatan. Your badge will give you access. 

Laundry rooms
All tenants have access to the laundry room. Time is booked in the folders in each respective laundry room.
The laundry rooms are common areas that are shared by you and your neighbours. For everyone's well-being it is therefore important that you follow the rules and instructions that apply and leave the laundry room clean and orderly. The next tenant should not have to clean up after you.
Observe the following
  • Rugs may not be washed in the washing machines.
  • Bras with metal clasps may only be washed in a laundry bag since the majority of them cause breakdowns in the washing machines.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the laundry rooms.
  • Clean the machines and the laundry detergent compartments.
  • Clean the lint filters on the dryers and drying cabinets between every "operating cycle".
  • Be careful with our cleaning tools.