Laudry rooms
To the laundry rooms, you only have access during the time you have booked. For security reasons, you cannot enter the laundry room at other times. Each laundry room is divided into two or three groups of machines. One group consists of two washing machines, a dryer and a drying cabinet.
  • Each washing session is 3 hours
  • You can book 5 wash sessions/month, but only 2 sessions can be booked at the same time
  • You can wash around the clock
  • Make sure to cancel your booked session if you will not use it
  • If the washing session is not started within 15 minutes of the starting time, it will be cancelled and someone can take over the session.
  • On completion of your washing session you have access for another 30 minutes for the use of dryer and drying cabinet.
  • Nte: When your washing session is over, the electricity is shut off to the washing machines and then you cannot open the door to the washing machine. Remenber to pick up your laundry on time!

You can book through the booking panels that are situated outside the common kitchens and laundry rooms.

You can also book via the web:
Name: Your apartment number.
At your front door you will find the apartment number/the Tax Office number. If you live at floor 10 then your apartment number starts with 10. The second number is the Tax Office number and used to your address.
Password: Tax office number, eg 1302