Rent shall always be paid in advance, not later than the last weekday of every month. If you pay the rent after the end of the month you will be charged a reminder fee. If the rent has not been paid by the 10th of the month the case will be submitted to a collection company. In that case you will also be charged the collection company's fees such as collection costs in accordance with the law regarding compensation for collection costs and interest on overdue payments in accordance with the interest act.

Failure to make payment can lead to you risking being evicted from the apartment.
Rent notifications
Your rent notifications are sent out four times a year. If, for some reason, you do not get your rent notification, you are still obligated to pay your rent on time. If you have questions regarding the rent, please contact our office, tel. 08-562 532 00.
Rent payments for sublets
It is always the tenant that has the leasing contract with Kista Studentbostäder that is responsible for rent payments. So even if you sublet your apartment, you are responsible for ensuring that the rent is paid on time. If the rent is late you risk being evicted from the apartment.