Things to facilitate your move

Moving in takes place from Hanstavägen. There, you have the possibility to park in front of the entrance. Note your address (Hanstavägen 49 or 51) and use the correct entrance for an easier move.
If the electricity is not turned on, look in the fuse box in the hall and make sure that the main fuse and breaker switch are turned on. If not: turn them to the ON position.
The refrigerator is turned on down by the floor behind the ventilation vent. If it has been turned off it takes around twelve hours before it is completely cold. You can also adjust the temperature for the refrigerator at the same location.
The tenant is responsible for changing the battery in the smoke alarm that is installed in the apartment.
You have to connect to the network socket in the apartment by yourself and call Telenor´s customer service at 020-222 222 to start up the service. If you have problems with the internet, it´s also them you should contact at 020-222 222. You reach them between 8:00-21:00 weekdays and between 9:00-21:00 weekends. 
If you want a fixed line telephone, contact Telia. Telia is located in Kista Galleria.
Change of address
When you make a change of address, state your address and the Tax Office apartmentnumber.
There are entrances on the second floor; Danmarksgatan and Hanstavägen. There are two additional entrances inside Kista Galleria near the ATMs on Brandesgången. Your badge gives you access.
Garbage room
The garbage room is on the second floor at Danmarksgatan and Hanstavägen. Take the elevator to the second floor and exit through the door. Your badge gives you access. The recycling room is located at Hanstavägen.
It is not allowed to place items in the stairway or corridors such as bicycles, furniture, garbage bags or moving cartons. These areas must be empty since they are exit paths, and also because this facilitates cleaning and general well-being.
Bicycle storage
There are two bicycle storage rooms that can be used. You passkey gives you access.
Laundry room
The laundry room is on the third floor. You have access to the one that is closest to your apartment.
Open hours in the laundry room are 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You can book two times per day. If you have not utilised your booked time within ten minutes after it has started, someone else is allowed to take your time. It is allowed to dry laundry up to one hour after your laundry time has ended.
Remember to empty and clean the machines when you are done using them!
It is not allowed to smoke in the apartment or the common areas.
It is not allowed to have house pets in the apartment.
Community kitchen
You have access to the community kitchen that is closest to your apartment. There, you have access to an oven, dishwasher and refrigerator.
Remember to empty and clean the machines when you are done using them!
Your mailbox
The mailboxes are placed on the sixth floor facing Danmarksgatan and Hanstavägen. The mailboxes are sorted by the Tax Office apartmentnumber.
Reporting defects/Vermin
If anything breaks or if you have a problem with anything in the apartment such as, for example, doors, refrigerator or electricity, you should report this to us. Regarding vermin, it is very important that this is reported immediately. As landlord, we are responsible for all costs for pest removal.