Information about vermin/pests

If you have a problem with vermin or pests in your apartment it is your obligation as tenant to immediately report this to us.It is important that actions are taken promptly after the initial discovery so that the insects do not spread. As a tenant you have the right to free extermination, so don't hesitate to file a report if you suspect that vermin or pests are in your apartment. Call us at tel. 08 562 532 10.
Conduct of vermin:
  • A tenant may not bring furniture in to the apartment which is or which is likely to be affected with vermin.
  • The tenant is obliged to immediately inform the landlord about pests found in the apartment.
  • The tenant must accept the restrictions on access rights that may result from the measures necessary to exterminate vermin.
  • If the tenant's negligence toward the presence of vermin or by the failure to inform the landlord, contributes to the spread of vermin may the lease be forfeited.