Bedbugs are unpleasant but totally harmless. They can be hard to detect with the naked eye. The first sign can be a bite at night in places that are not covered by clothing and/or droppings (small black dots) in the bed or on the bed frame.
They can hide behind mouldings, paintings and curtains and come out at night to suck human blood. However, you do not need to worry whether they spread any diseases. They are governed by the access to food and can hibernate for long periods, up to a year, and then awaken to life again. Bedbugs cannot jump, but creep and crawl. Bedbugs are 2.5–12 mm long, rounded ovals, flat and brown/yellowish brown.
Pests often come into our homes after foreign vacations or other trips. Therefore do not have your luggage open unnecessarily in hotel rooms and unpack outside when you get home. Wash clothes at minimum 60 degrees Celsius. Bedbugs can also be found in furniture that is brought into the home.
Below are a few tips before Anticimex comes in and decontaminates your apartment:
1. Vacuum often.
2. Bedbugs do not like heat, so if you have the possibility, book the drying cabinet in the laundry room and put your bedding, etc., in there for at least three hours at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius.
3. Place tape with adhesive on both sides around the bed legs, pull down the sheet and tape it with double-sided adhesive tape. This makes it much more difficult for them to reach you since they cannot crawl on or bite through cloth.
4. Pull the bed a bit away from the wall.
Info about what to do prior to/after a decontamination (link?)