What do we provide maintenance on?

For us to be able to offer attractive and homelike apartments, they must be maintained. This is done continuously and after inspection. The ongoing maintenance is not reason enough for rental reductions even if sometimes this involves certain disturbances in your apartment.
We at Kista Studenbostäder are responsible for repairs and maintenance to the buildings and the equipment that belongs to the apartments that have been installed by us.
Examples of service that is included in the rent:
  •      Repairs to the stove, refrigerator and freezer
  •      Cleaning of drainage pipes in the event of major drain back-ups
  •      Service for water faucets
  •      Investigation and repair of electrical defects, for example, wall sockets and contacts
  •      Sealing and adjustment or doors and windows.
  •      Floors and walls
For more extensive work, for example, if we shall replace the floor or repaint parts of your apartment, you will not be able to use all the space in your apartment. But if we deem it possible that you can remain in your apartment during the entire period, no rent reduction will be granted.
If you do not intend to live in your apartment while the work is being done you should inform us and agree on how contact can be made with you during the time we are working on your apartment.
Painting of ceilings and walls
Repainting is done when needed and we are the ones who decide whether it is needed.
Appliances (stove, refrigerator, freezer, etc.)
Appliances are replaced when needed and we are the ones who decide whether this is necessary. In the assessment, the cost for repairs is weighed against the cost for a new appliance. 
Actions that are charged
Your rent includes the care and maintenance of the apartment and building. But all types of maintenance is not included and if you have caused the damages in the apartment or building yourself then you can be liable for damages. 

If you have caused the damage yourself that we feel that you are liable to pay for, we will send an invoice for the costs that we have incurred. The invoice will be sent to your apartment address if you have an apartment with us. If you have moved, it is therefore important that you request that your mail be forwarded so that you can receive your mail.