What can you change in the apartment?

Many people like to fix things in the home themselves. However, all work must be carried out in a professional manner and changes may not be too extreme. Otherwise you might be liable to return the apartment to its original condition or pay compensation for such cost when you move out. Contact us for advice and tips as well as clarification for what you are allowed to do.
Examples of what you can do yourself in the apartment:
·         Mount a peephole in the outer door
·         Curtain fittings you will have to pay for and install yourself. 
·         Closets and cabinets, with accompanying fixtures belong to the apartment's basic equipment. If you want to complement with additional closet accessories we can inform you about the manufacturer and possibly also where you can buy the accessories.
Installation and renovation
You may not without approval, carry out changes to the apartment's electrical, water and sewage systems. Such work must be carried out by professionals and be approved by us. This also applies to the installation of washing machines or other equipment.
In addition, you cannot paint doors, paint and wallpaper your apartment or set up parabol antennas on the facade or windowsill without our approval.