What are you responsible for maintaining?

As a tenant, during the term of the lease you shall take good care of the apartment and other areas that are a part of the building. This responsibility includes that you must take care of certain things in your apartment. Examples of such things are:
·         Changing light bulbs and strip lights in the refrigerator, above the sink unit and in the kitchen, kitchenette and bathroom. 
·         Cleaning the floor drain in the bathroom and cleaning out the strainers for the laundry area and sink unit as well as cleaning out the drain trap under the handbasin and sink unit.
·         Wipe off the ventilation valves regularly.
·         Defrost the freezer and refrigerator regularly.
·         Clean regularly to minimise the risk for vermin and pests. 
Drainage pipes from the sink unit and washing basin quickly get clogged with fat and food remnants. The best way to avoid stops in the drains is to throw coffee grinds, tea leaves, food remnants, etc., directly in a garbage bag. Clogs in the drain can lead to flooding and moisture damage and therefore must be dealt with immediately.
You may not  under any circumstances use "blocked pipe dissolvent" that consists of, for example, caustic soda or other chemical substances. In part because they are dangerous for the environment, and in part because they can cause give serious corrosion damage to the skin and eyes of the person who cleans the drain and also damage the pipes.
Foot valve in the wash basin
Often you can take away the strands of hair that lie in the foot valve by lifting up the valve plug and cleaning it. If the wash basin's foot valve needs to be cleaned from underneath you must remove the clean-out door or mud plug. Place a bucket under the wash basin and poke away that which has fastened. The rinse through with hot water. A used toothbrush is a great tool to clean with.
Water trap
In the drainage pipe under the sink unit and wash basin there is a water-filled bend or bottom cup. It is a water lock that is there to prevent bad smells from coming up from the drainage pipe. If the drainage pipe is not used for a longer period of time, the water evaporates, and if it is hot, it can do this in just a few days. The water level sinks and an odour can come up from the drainage pipe. It can clearly be seen that the water level has sunk by the water level in the toilet. If you are away, ask the person who is looking after the apartment to flush the toilet and flush the water run water in the other drains now and then while you are away.
You can easily clean the water lock yourself. Just put a pail under the water lock before you open it so that the water and dirt will run down into the pail. The bottom cup can easily be screwed off by hand. Scrape the cup clean from drainage residue and flush it out with water.

Floor drain
The floor drain in a shower room is equipped with a water lock. To prevent flooding and bad odours the water lock must be cleaned regularly.
You can easily clean the floor drain yourself. Lift off the grating/strainer that covers the floor drain. Dry and brush away hair and whatever else has fastened in the drain and then flush out the drain with the hand shower. Replace the grating again. Make sure that there is sufficient water in the floor drain.

Mixer tap/faucet
If the mixer tap starts to beep or roar, or if the water flow seems weak, perhaps rubbish has collected in the jet concentrator. It is located at the top of the pipe to make the water flow even.
If the tap starts to drip or run make a damage report immediately. Then we will save both water and heating costs. In addition, a dripping tap, over time, can create brown rings in the wash basin since there will be a ferric oxide build-up that discolours the enamel.
Clean the toilet
Do not flush anything down the toilet other than normal toilet paper and your own waste. If the water level gradually sinks in the toilet; initially look to see if it is flowing as it should from the bathroom's other drains. If there is a blockage in the toilet it is time to put on a pair of rubber gloves and feel if there is something stuck in the toilet bowl.
If water starts running from the toilet you need to make a damage report immediately. Then we will save both water and heating costs. In addition, running water, over time, can create brown rings in the toilet since there will be a ferric oxide build-up that discolours the enamel.

If locks or hinges get stuck, a drop of oil usually helps.

If your windows need to be sealed or adjusted please contact us.

Avoid scratches and marks on floors by keeping them free from sand and dirt. The floor can be protected by you putting so-called "felt pads" under the legs of chairs, tables and beds. There are also special protective plates and wheels that can be fastened to really heavy furniture. Also protect the floor when you move heavy furniture. If you do not have help in carrying things make sure that the floor is clean. Place a quilt or a rig under the furniture and push it in front of you.
Cabinets and closets
The material in cabinets and closets varies between different manufacturers and sustainability between them are different. Doors and fixtures cannot bear too much weight. 

Do not place the bed directly against the wall. Grease from the hair can stain the wallpaper behind the bed. Use a headboard or place the bed a bit out from the wall.
Mirror walls create an unnecessary number of holes in the walls. For example, mount mirrors on a Masonite board that you screw into the wall.