Well-being and consideration

We at Kista Studentbostäder strive to ensure that all tenants shall feel good and this means that they shall not be disturbed by their neighbours. All of our tenants have the right to live and study undisturbed. However, you live in a multi-resident building and have neighbours around you and close to you. This requires a great deal, both consideration and tolerance for the way other people live. Unfortunately, you cannot expect there to be no disturbances in a building where many people shall eat, sleep and live. Water pipes create noise; televisions can be heard through walls, etc. Certain disturbances must be accepted and you must simply learn to live with them, they are part of this way of living. 

However, sometimes there can be too much noise and often, the person that is causing the disturbance is not aware that they are irritating someone. A knock on the door is usually sufficient. If you have tried with this and the disturbance continues anyway, or if you for some reason cannot manage the situation, it can be good to know that you have an on-call disturbance centre that can assist you. See below.

In accordance with the Housing Act, tenants shall ensure that neighbours are not exposed to disturbances and also "maintain soundness, order and good conditions within the property". In other words, show consideration to others. Many believe that you have the right to have a party once a month and are allowed to be as loud as you want. In actuality, you have the right to have a party as often as you like but you do not have the right to disturb your neighbours.

Examples of disturbances
• Music may not be played at such a high volume that it can be disturbing to others
• Hammering or drilling after 9:00 PM
• Avoid disturbing water flushing during the night 

In accordance with the municipality's environmental and health protection regulations it is not allowed to carry out disturbing work or other disturbing sounds in the apartment between 10:00 PM - 7:00 AM on weekdays and between 10:00 PM - 10:00 AM on weekends.

Disturbance complaint centre
In the event of a disturbance you can contact Kista Studentbostäder during office hours and the Disturbance complaint centre at night and on weekends.

Our disturbance complaint centre is handled by Securitas and can be reached at telephone 08-632 02 88.

When you call the disturbance complaint centre it is important that you state your name, apartment number and telephone number. Your name will not be revealed. After the report the disturbance complaint centre will contact the tenant causing the disturbance and encourage he or she to stop the disturbing actions. However, such a call-out costs more than SEK 1,000 and you should therefore use this possibility with a certain amount of restraint.

The person who has been reported for disturbing his neighbours will receive a warning letter. The tenant will be reminded of his obligations and be asked to improve the situation. The tenant that disturbs his neighbours also risks having to pay the security company's call-out cost.

If a previous warning has been issued, social services will also be informed and if the person creating the disturbance gets repeated complaints this person can have his leasing contract terminated. The tenant then has ten days to vacate the apartment. If this person does not move voluntarily then legal proceedings will commence. Ultimately, the apartment can be emptied with the help of the Swedish Enforcement Service.