Notification of termination

Notification of termination (vacating) shall be made in writing and can be sent via mail, email or be submitted personally to the office of Kista Studentbostäder. Click here to download the termination agreement. Note that moving out on the 15th is no longer applicable.

If you lease a parking space, notification of termination for it shall be made separately. 
You can give the date for vacating the apartment the last day of the month. The notification of termination period is two months.

You always pay rent up through the day your leasing contract ceases to be valid.
The notification of termination shall contain the following information:
-       name and social security number
-       contact information: mobile number, mail address and new address
-       move-out date
-       signature
-       today's date
You are obligated to show your apartment to the person who has been offered the apartment and shall move in after you. When you are contacted by this person, you will jointly decide on a time that is suitable for both of you.
You cannot change the move-out date once we have received your notification of termination.
You cannot cancel your notification of termination after we have received it.
1-2 weeks after we have received your termination, you will receive a confirmation by email.
Termination by the landlord
If we terminate your rental agreement, we as landlord have a notification of termination period of three months. For example, termination can be made due to insufficient study credits, rental debts or other debt, recurring complaints about disturbances, unlawful subleasing or that you have lived there for the maximum residence period of six (6) years.