Moving out 

Approximately one month before it is time for you to move, Kista Studentbostäder will make a preliminary inspection. Information about the time for the inspection will be sent out two weeks before the inspection shall take place. At the inspection we will make an assessment as to whether the wear and tear on floors, appliances, bathroom fixtures, carpentry, etc. is more than normal for the rental period, in other words that this is within a "normal level".  If the "normal level" is substantially exceeded, for example, through damages or through extensive repairs that are not "professionally executed" or through odd colour choices, you can be liable to pay compensation to repair and return the apartment to its original condition. The new tenant may review the inspection report when he or she has moved in. If you want to be present during the inspection you must contact us to book a time.
Returning your keys
All keys (two apartment keys and two access badges) shall be returned to our office not later than 11:30 on the day you move out.

The moving-out day is usually the 30th/31st of every month. If the moving-out day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or other general holiday, the moving-out day will be the former weekday.
If you are unable to return the keys yourself you can have someone else do it for you. No power of attorney is needed, but it is your responsibility to ensure that all keys are returned on time. 

If all keys are not returned in time, Kista Studentbostäder will change the lock and that cost will be charged to the vacating tenant.

Before moving out
If you have installed a mirror wall, flat-screen TV or similar, the plugs shall be removed, the holes plastered over and painted if needed. You shall empty the apartment when you move. If you leave items you will be charged out cost for removing them. You shall clean the apartment when you move and follow the check list that we will send to you. Remember that it often take much longer to clean than you think. If the apartment is not properly cleaned we will charge you for the cost of bringing in a cleaning company. If you do not have time to clean you should book a cleaning company yourself. it will be cheaper than if we do it.
Do not forget to terminate your broadband subscription.

Click here for a checklist for moving out.