When you register in our housing queue, in accordance with regulations of the Personal Information Act (PuL), you must be made aware that we save your information in a data system. The information is used during the time you are our customer.

The information that you register when you use the web services below are stored in our computer system:
My contact information
Error reports; these are also registered if contact with Kista Studentbostäder (Kista Student Accommodation) is made by telephone
Access in common areas

Other events that are registered and stored in our data system are:
Possible reports regarding disturbances
Certain correspondence you have had with us
Rent payments including those cases where there have been late payments
Possible collection actions
Booking of housing
Signing of rental agreement

In addition, personal information retrieved from sources other than the tenant may be registered.
Submitting references
In connection with you moving, your new landlord may want to get references from your current residence. In order for us to provide references you must give us approval to do so, otherwise no information will be distributed to an external party.

If you have approved that we can provide references, we will provide the following information:
Possible reports regarding disturbances
Rent payments including possible cases where payment has been late
Possible collection actions
Length of residence