2020-04-02 Assessment of study results regarding the autumn term of 2019

It is time for this terms assessment of study results! Kista Studentbostäder don´t do an automatic assessment through Ladok. This means that all tenants have to hand in an assessment of study results. The assessment from your school must show how many credits you have taken during the autumn term of 2019. That is, the former term! Also, write your name and which apartment you live in. NOTE! A registration certificate will not be accepted. For the assessment to be approved you must have taken no less than 15 credits.

If you write on your thesis or do your internship, you should submit a newly signed statement from your supervisor regarding the
autumn term of 2019.

We want the assessment of your study results by
May 31, 2020.

No answer or not approved assessment of study results will result in a termination of contract.

Kista student apartments make a random check of submitted study certificates each year. This means that we contact the school / university that has establish the certificate. Counterfeit certificate will be reported to the police since this is a crime, counterfeiting.

NOTE! According to your contract, you can only rent a student accommodation in Kista Studentbostäder for six (6) years. Exemption can be given to graduate students after a special review.

You can hand it in to us at our office in the galleria, send it by e-mail to
Kontakt@kistastudentbostader.se or send it to us:
Kista Studentbostäder, Box 1220, 164 28 Kista

Those tenants who do not need to submit a transcript this time are:

·        those who moved in after 2019-12-31.

·        those who have been terminated due to unapproved study trial spring 2019.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

E-mail: kontakt@kistastudentbostader.se
Phone: 08 562 532 00 Monday-Thursday 8.00-10.00

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